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for the romney camp. one small consulation, perhaps the vice presidential candidate paul ryan did win re-election to his congressional seat in wisconsin. in boston, laura anthony, abc news. >> thank you. >>> as you can imagine leading democrats aren newsed about sending -- are newsed about sending obama back to the what house for four more years. >> here is what people had to say about the obama victory. >> now it is up to the republicans in the congress whether they want to meet him halfway and get some things done . their whole game plan for four years was to make sure president obama wasn't re-elected. the people have spoken. they have spoken overwhelmingly. >> this election was about the failure of republicans at the national level to win the prosperity argument. the notion of tax cuts for the economy is economically wrong, but republicans have failed to make the case on how to bring the economy back through the private enterprise system. >> he had a great record. he saved us from a near depression, rescued the auto industry, got rid of osama bin laden, passed health care. i think th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1